Beautiful, Comfortable, Practical: Introducing Arena Saddles

Beautifully styled with meticulous attention to detail, you will turn heads in any Arena while being confident that your saddle is comfortable for you and your horse. With saddles for every discipline and conformation, there is an Arena Saddle that’s perfect for you.

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Perfect in Any Arena

“After speaking to a number of riders around the world, we found that we all shared the same struggle, and all we wanted was something Beautiful, Comfortable and Practical that was actually affordable. We started with a firm price and worked back from there to achieve everything we wanted.”

– Arena Saddles Design Team

Arena Jump Saddle

You’ll love the Arena Jump saddle’s balanced, supportive seat on the flat and over fences. Meticulous styling makes this saddle a perfect fit in any show ring.

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Arena Dressage Saddle

Discerning dressage riders will appreciate the beautifully crafted Arena Dressage Saddle as you and your horse move together in perfect comfort  and harmony. In training and competition, you will enjoy the close contact feeling, enabling you and your horse to perform dressage movements in rhythmic unison.

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Arena High Wither All Purpose Saddle

Finding a beautiful, quality saddle to suit your high withered horse has never been easier. Designed with this special conformation* in mind, you will feel supported through exceptional close contact and comfort, whether training in the arena or simply riding the local trails.

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