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Loxley by Bliss of London

Loxley by Bliss is a line of high-quality performance leather saddles by Bliss of London. Each Loxley saddle is made custom for you and your horse with a wide variety of fitting and design options to choose from! As of 2018, all Loxley saddles can be ordered with an interchangeable gullet plate system to allow you to quickly and easily adjust the width of the tree as your horse changes. 

Loxley by Bliss Design & Features


Leather Options

Loxley by Bliss saddles feature distinctive, modern designs with high-quality leather in a multitude of colors. “Antique” leather, which is both strong and supple, is the base leather option for Loxley Dressage and Loxley Jump saddles and is available in 3 rich colors: Black, Cocoa, and Claret. “Calf Nappa” leather is available as a standard option on Loxley Monoflap saddles. In addition, other leather options such as nubuck are available for seat and knee pad details. Plus, a multitude of colors are available for custom welting, stitching, and cantle.


Adjustable Y-Girthing Options

Loxley’s adjustable Y-girthing system allows the rider to modify the position of the billets for maximum saddle stability.


Custom Blocks

Custom block sizes are available to provide optimal support for the rider’s position.

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Loxley by Bliss Demo Saddles

We have Loxley by Bliss demo saddles! Saddle fitting clients within our traveling area may test ride any of our demo saddles during fitting appointments. Our stock of demos is always changing, but usually demo saddles are available in seat sizes 17″ or 17.5″, with a range of color, leather, and flap options to try. If you’d like to test ride any of our demo saddles below, click the button to schedule a fitting appointment, and be sure to let us know which model piqued your interest!

Loxley by Bliss Adjustable Mono Dressage Saddle
Loxley by Bliss Dressage Mono demo
Loxley by Bliss Adjustable Dressage monoflap block
Loxley by Bliss dressage mono pommel
Loxley by Bliss Dressage Mono seat
Loxley by Bliss dressage saddle
Loxley Dressage LX cocoa
Loxley by Bliss dressage saddle in claret with cream accents

Loxley Dressage Monoflap Saddle

Loxley dressage saddles are designed with a supportive deep seat, which is webbed with a flat spot to allow the rider to find their own optimal balance point. A 3-point adjustable Y-girthing system creates greater stability. Custom fitting options include flap length, blocks, and tree and panel configurations. The Loxley Dressage Mono (monoflap) model comes standard in “Calf Nappa” leather for its exceptional grippyness and suppleness. Other models include the standard Loxley Dressage and upgraded Loxley Dressage LX.

Colors: Black, Cocoa, Claret + a variety of contrasting leathers, stitching, and welting options
Sizes: 16.5″, 17″, 17.5″, 18″, 18.5″ + other sizes available by request