Our Trusted Brands

As an independent shop and saddle fitting service, we’re free to work with a number of our favorite saddlemakers and equestrian brands. We choose our partners based on quality of craftsmanship and materials, innovative technology, and fitting options to fit the whole spectrum of horses and riders.

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Bates Saddles logo
Fabtron Saddlery & Tack logo
Fairfax Saddles logo
Black Country Saddles logo, black horse in trot.
Loxley by Bliss of London saddles logo
A black and yellow logo that reads Neue Schule.
Red oval logo with gold text saying "Walsall Kent & Masters England".
Red logo with a white horse head and the word "Thorowgood".
Black circle with a white V inside it, below it reads: "Veritas Saddles"
MDC Stirrups logo
Blue and yellow logo that reads: "Wintec Saddles and Accessories".