Consign your saddle with DBS

Get access to a unique audience actively looking to purchase new and used saddles.

Before every fitting appointment, we ask our clients to send a detailed questionnaire and set of profile photos to ensure we come prepared with the saddles that best fit their needs. All saddles not on the truck are always on display at our brand-new tack shop and retail center in Montague, NJ.

We take care of the hassle so you can spend more time in the saddle.

Preparing consignment saddles for listing is a long process. First, we deep clean and condition every saddle we receive, and take photos from all angles to show each saddle in its best light.

After listing, we monitor communications and respond promptly to inquiries. We make it easy to arrange trials and ship saddles anywhere within the US. 

Our professional equestrian marketers ensure your saddle has the best chance to connect with a new home.

We market our consignment saddles extensively through eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Groups, our own website, and other online outlets. We recently opened a new tack shop and repair center in Montague, NJ, so your saddle has more opportunities than ever to be seen by the right buyer!

How much does it cost to consign a saddle?

The consignment fee is 35% of the final selling price. A listing fee of $40 per saddle is due at the time of consignment. We accept cash, checks, PayPal, and all 4 major credit cards–Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

How to consign your saddle:

  • Please contact us prior to sending your saddle! You may fill out our consignment inquiry form online, email [email protected], or call 973-552-9546.
  • Please refer to our shipping guidelines to ensure your saddle reaches us safe and sound!
  • If you’re local, you may also drop your consignment off at our tack shop and repair center in Montague, NJ.
  • We’ll clean, condition, and photograph your saddle, then make a recommendation for a listing price based on the condition of your saddle and others like it available online.
  • Once you approve the listing price, we’ll begin marketing your saddle.
  • We’ll contact you with all reasonable offers we receive for your saddle. We’ll never accept an offer without your approval.


To make the most of our resources as well as yours, we require that all consignment saddles:

  • Be in good to excellent condition
  • Need no major repair work. Saddles needing minor repairs (such as new billets or stitching) may be done at the seller’s expense in our workshop prior to listing
  • Be valued at approximately $1000 or more at the time of consignment


Ready to sell your saddle?

Ready to sell your saddle?