Kate Wilson is an independent, SMS-qualified saddle fitter travelling throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

When it comes to saddle fitting, we believe a “hands-on,” on-site approach is best. We travel to your farm or place of boarding in a 15’ box truck equipped with work bench for on-site flocking and an extensive selection of demos and used saddles from a variety of saddle makers for you to try. As an independent shop, we work with all brands of saddles and are happy to evaluate the fit of any saddle – English or Western!

Kate Wilson, SMS-Qualified Saddle Fitter, with her Georgian Grande gelding, Nike in a Bates dressage saddle.

Kate Wilson, SMS QSF

“My experience as a working saddler as well as our ongoing repairs in the workshop have given me the ability to view the inner workings of almost every saddle available on the market today. This insight helps me evaluate the saddle’s fit for a particular horse and rider, and recognize any adjustment solutions that can be made. I strive to keep informed about the latest trends and technology available in the equine consumer market to better serve my clients with the most up-to-date knowledge possible.

As a rider and horse owner myself, I have found my own horses are my best teachers in recognizing the critical need for well-fitted equipment. They continue to challenge and inspire me to increase my understanding in every aspect of their care, conditioning, and comfort. I have had a difficult-to-fit Polish Arab mare, an Arab/Clydesdale/Welsh cross, and a flat-backed Hanoverian/Thoroughbred. I am now the proud owner of a handsome black-and-white Georgian Grande (Friesian/Saddlebred) gelding!

I love my work and sharing it with other people. I am committed to educating my clients on the fundamental points of saddle fit as outlined by The Society of Master Saddlers. I believe this education takes riders beyond simply fixing the saddle fit problem into the realm of deeper understanding, communication, and effectiveness for both horse and rider.

There is almost nothing more satisfying than a happy horse and rider! I’m thankful for the opportunity to share in this part of my clients’ journeys.”