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MDC Stirrups: Performance, Comfort & Safety

MDC Stirrups creates innovative stirrups for the modern rider, with show-legal options for every discipline. MDC Stirrups’ patented designs help the rider’s foot avoid getting caught in the stirrup in the event of a fall, absorb shock to relieve foot, ankle, and knee pain, and allow the rider to optimally position the stirrup against the horse’s side. These high-tech stirrups are available in both modern and traditional styling, so you can find the right features for you, whatever you ride! 


MDC Stirrups Features & Design

3 Stirrup Tops to Choose From

MDC Stirrups 3 tops

MDC Stirrups offers 3 different stirrup tops: a patented adjustable top, a patented “S” top, and a traditional stirrup top. The adjustable top allows the rider to set the position of the stirrup at the optimal angle to the horse’s body, and even set different angles for each stirrup for a horse with asymmetrical conformation. the “S” top gives riders the advantage of improved leg position from the most popular 45 degree stirrup setting, while maintaining a traditional look for the show ring.

The adjustable and S tops have the added benefit of greater safety in the event of a fall. Studies have shown that the tendency of the stirrup to return to its original position–flat against the horse’s side–is a major factor in a rider’s foot getting caught in the stirrup. MDC stirrups at a 45 degree angle and a 90 degree angle tend to stay open against the horse’s sides, allowing for easier stirrup retrieval and less chance of a rider’s foot getting caught. Of course, no stirrup can guarantee a rider’s safety, so please remember the risks inherent to equestrian sports and exercise good sense!

MDC Stirrup Ultimate adjustable top zero degrees


MDC Super Sport Stirrup

Adjustable Top in zero degrees setting

MDC Stirrups Sport Classic adjustable top


MDC Sport Classic Stirrup

Adjustable Top at 45 degrees setting


MDC Super Sport Stirrup

Adjustable Top at 90 degrees setting


MDC S Classic Stirrup

“S” series 45 degree top

Multi-Pivot Point Flexible Sides

MDC Stirrups Flexible Sides

MDC Stirrups’ patented Multi-Pivot Point Sides provide high-tech shock absorption and can reduce pain in a rider’s ankles, knees, hips, and back. 

Aluminum Tread in Wide or Traditional Width

MDC Stirrups aluminum tread

MDC’s ultra low-profile, high-traction aluminum tread offers additional comfort and support, and easily releases in a fall. The tread will not cut boots, breaches, or saddle leather–which we love! A 45-degree trailing edge increases foot stability. The Wide Tread, which comes standard, provides an increased base of support for your foot while maintaining a clean, streamlined look for the show ring.

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MDC Aluminum Treads


Replacement wide or traditional width aluminum treads for MDC stirrups.

  • Wide treads are standard with many models of MDC stirrups
  • Traditional width replacements also available
  • Compatible with MDC Super Sport, Sport Classic, S Flex, S Classic, S Lite, Jumper Classic, and Hunter Classic stirrups
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