How to Take A Wither Tracing Like a Saddle Fitter

Draft horse hoof drawing on a blue table.

What are wither tracings used for? If you’ve worked with a saddle fitter before, you’ve likely seen them take tracings of your horse’s back and withers. Saddle fitters use wither tracings to keep a visual record of your horse’s changes in shape over time. A qualified saddle fitter will keep a file for your horse […]

12 Days of Dutchess: Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Horse Trainer (Or Any Equestrian!)

12 holiday gift ideas for equestrians

Still hunting for the perfect holiday gift for your horse trainer (or rider in your life)? Not to worry, we’re here to help! Here are 12 equestrian gift ideas for a range of budgets so you can check off everyone on your list.  We have standard ground shipping available for all our products. Need it […]

Nubuck & Suede: Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance

Antares dressage saddle with nubuck leather

What equestrian doesn’t love that secure, grippy feeling in the seat of their saddle? Calfskin and other ultra-soft traditional leathers can create this sensation, but suede and nubuck leathers can often be even grippier–like Velcro for your breeches! Unlike other leather types, however, suede and nubuck are particularly vulnerable to damage from moisture, oils, and […]

Leather Care: Extending the Life of your Tack

How to Care for Your Leather Products

If you want your tack to have a long, safe, and useful life, regular maintenance for your leather and metal hardware is absolutely essential. Well-maintained leather should feel supple—you should be able to bend and flex it without difficulty. Very dry leather will not bend easily and might have visible cracks in the surface. It […]