Weatherbeeta Prime Saddle Pad: Product Review

A horse with a saddle on its back.

“I love my new Weatherbeeta dressage pad. Not only does the shape provide wither relief, it is soft, sturdy, washes beautifully and comes in an array of lovely colors. I’ve thrown out my old pads and will stick with this for the comfort of my horse and the ease of maintenance.”
– Sherry

There’s a lot to love about Weatherbeeta’s new Prime range pads. As a saddle fitter, I’m always on the lookout for well-designed products that solve common fitting problems I encounter, or positively impact comfort and performance for my clients and their horses.

Overall, I highly recommend the Weatherbeeta Prime pad as a sharp-looking staple for schooling, especially in the summer. This pad is also a great choice for Thoroughbreds and other horses with high withers. Prime pads are available in 3 tailored shapes to fit your saddle type: Dressage, AP, and Jumping.


Contoured topline leaves plenty of wither room

I was drawn to the Weatherbeeta Prime pads because of the high-wither design and contoured topline. Just as a saddle with insufficient wither clearance at the head of the tree will cause discomfort, a saddle pad that does not allow enough room, or is pulled down over the withers can cause rubs, soreness, and decreased performance. The contoured cut of the topline provides plenty of room for high-withered horses to move freely.

Dee ring fastener keeps the pad in place

For extra security, the Prime pad is designed with a hook-and-loop fastener that attaches to your saddle’s Dee ring. This strap traditionally loops around the first billet. By attaching to the Dee ring instead, the pad stays securely in place under the saddle and cannot be pulled down over the withers while you ride.

Stay cool with a breathable mesh spine

Weatherbeeta Prime pads include two features to help keep your horse as cool as possible when riding in the summer. The mesh spine runs down the entire length of the pad and allows air to flow under the saddle. A “wick-easy” liner keeps the sweat moving and drying quickly as you work.

Sturdy construction holds up to hard work

These pads are thick, but not so thick you can’t use them under a half pad. Because they’re well-made with sturdy materials, Prime pads keep their structure and won’t collapse down the spine, even during tough training sessions.

Quality appearance and bright colors look sharp for schooling or training

Whether you go for the classics like a bright white or deep navy blue, or opt for a trendy splash of color, the Prime collection has something for you! Bright colors like Paradise Pink are well-saturated and look great in person too. Dark colors like Black or Navy are deep and resist fading.

These pads wash easily and have held up very well during the time I’ve used them!

Cool light blue is one of Summer 2019’s hottest shades. Check out the Weatherbeeta Prime jump pad in denim!


Tend to run large

This one is more a matter of perspective. The Prime pads tend to run large, so if your horse has a short back or if you ride in a saddle with a seat size 17″ inches or less, you might find this is too much pad for your needs. This Roma Mini Quilt pad is a great alternative to fit a smaller saddle.

Weatherbeeta Prime Dressage
Saddle Pad


Weatherbeeta Prime AP
Saddle Pad


Weatherbeeta prime jump saddle pad
Weatherbeeta Prime Jump
Saddle Pad


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